As the adage goes, most businesses don't plan to fail, yet they fail to plan - this has disastrous and sometimes fatal consequences. There are untold numbers of businesses that no longer exist in the great city of New Orleans because they didn't plan. No one is immune to unanticipated circumstances. You can't start building the boat when you feel that first drop of rain.

Where there is no vision, the people perish...Technological advances occur at an alarming rate. We delight in the opportunity to help shape the direction of our clients' use of technology. Some options are "bleeding" edge, immature, risky and costly. Yet ultimately, they offer cost savings - it's all about timing. While other options are "leading" edge and deploying them is a less arduous task. We endeavor to offer a healthy balance when engaging our clients.

NUBIAN COMPUTING TECHNOLOGY INNOVATORS assist you in putting together the vision in writing, in the form of a clear plan, that you can effectively follow the path according to a schedule and budget. Our process drives financial consideration based on the operational goals. The Technology Plan is not designed to sit on the shelf; it is indeed a working document and is written in such a way as you can make adjustments as necessary.

The Technology Plan is tailored to the needs of your enterprise. And therefore, the plan may be short and simple or significantly more complex depending upon both the nature of the business and the direction with which you are going. As a final point, the process offers a level of discovery that may uncover a change in direction. In any case, NUBIAN COMPUTING TECHNOLOGY INNOVATORS is there to guide you every step of the way.


More Principles

  • Design: This phase begins with the end result in mind
  • Implement: Our forte, deployment
  • Manage: After the hard work and celebration, this phase is designed to continue to derive dividends and smooth operation from the solution
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