Our Approach

Get in, Get it done, Get out. With every project undertaken, this is our deliberate intention. Entities are faced with doing more with less. Now, more than ever before, using the right tools for the right job is critical to keeping your operation vibrant in these challenging economic times. We do not use technology just for the sake of using it -- it must be the correct solution.

When we enter into an engagement with your organization, typically, a high level Technology Assessment is performed. The assessment is primarily based on computing technology but the scope of the assessment is negotiated. A PowerPoint presentation is provided to you as a deliverable of the content discovered during the assessment. As a consulting practice, we utilize the following tools and techniques to provide an overall understanding of the health of your operation from a technology perspective:

  • Document the current environment [the “as is” condition]
  • Perform a fair assessment on the current environment using your industry and generally accepted business principles as the basis
  • Make recommendations to address the challenges that have been uncovered during the documentation of the “as is” condition and assessment phases
  • Granted that the recommendations are embraced, a vision of what the future outlook / “to be” condition is shared

During the debriefing meeting is when the results are formally unveiled. A joint decision is made to establish direction. This step is essential in that the root cause of challenges is discovered and the path is laid to implement the proposed solutions. Timing and budget are also discussed and documented in this meeting. A signed consulting agreement with a retainer commences deployment of the solution.

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