Implementing Systems & Processes is our specialty

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Once the decision has been made to implement a system, application, product or process, NUBIAN COMPUTING TECHNOLOGY INNOVATORS has extensive experience in bringing the design concept to fruition. Our principal consultant has gone through and impacted the following new product introductions (although some of them reflect just how far the world has progressed technology-wise):

  • Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS) Maximo Asset Management Pre-Implementation for General Motors (GM)
  • EDS Readiness Assessments for Maxtor Asia Pacific Region
  • EDS-A T Kearney Business Process Transformation for GM Service Parts Operation (SPO)
  • Midwest International Concours d'Elegance Communications for Detroit Festival of Speed & Style

  • Local Area Network (LAN) and Point-of-Sale (POS) Implementation for Detroit area retailer
  • Wireless network solution for area business consulting firm
  • Network cable installation for area medical practice
  • Midwest International Concours d'Elegance wireless network solution

  • Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) 1st Laser Printer LN01
  • DEC's 1st Color Monitor VT240 series
  • DEC's 1st (brace yourself) 1 GigaByte Hard Disk Drive RA90

The previous experiences represent a sample of the practice's capability.
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