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Program / Project Management

NUBIAN COMPUTING TECHNOLOGY INNOVATORS recognize that there are situations and circumstances where it is not appropriate for us to deliver a solution to the client organization. The client may indeed have a third party that they have chosen to implement a particular solution. There are cases where we may not have the expertise immediately at hand to provide the solution in a timely or cost effective manner. In these cases, we offer the ability to protect our clients' best interest by managing the third party chosen by the client organization. This way, the client focuses on their core competence while we are commissioned with the responsibility of ensuring that the solution is properly implemented. We have managed projects in the following areas:

  • Voice over Internet, The Dow Chemical Company, Freeport, Texas
  • Internet Laboratory, DeRor Montessori School, Oak Park, Michigan
  • Seminar: Using the Internet to Obtain Government Grants & Loans, Southfield, Michigan
  • Radio Communications, Concours D'Elegance at Cranbrook, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
  • Information Technology operations, Detroit Festival of Speed & Style, Detroit, Michigan
  • Greater Grace Temple church website, Detroit, Michigan

The previous experiences represent a sample of the practice's capability.
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