Open Source

We are "sold out" to open source tools. We develop web browser based applications using the PHP scripting language tied into the MySQL database using the Apache HTTP server on the Linux operating system. Developing Joomla! Content Management Systems are our specialty.

Open Source does not mean free - it means freedom. Freedom from proprietary vendors and freedom to modify code for your benefit - and others too. Here's a list of open source and web based (this is cloud computing) applications that our consultants have (or are) using:


OpenOffice Writer,Calc,Impress Zoho Projects 7-Zip Archival Google Google Pack+ Dia Diagramming FreeMind Mind-mapping GIMP Image Manipulation FreeConference Teleconferencing


Productivity MS Office alternative Collaboration MS Project alternative Utility WinZip alternative Productivity Tools & more Productivity MS Visio alternative Productivity Brainstorming Graphic Design PhotoShop alternative Conference Calls Meeting Tool


None Free 1 Project Free None Free None Free None Free None Free None Free None Toll Call


Office software Project Management & more File Compression Cloud Computing Flowchart Processes Dia download page Organize,Prioritize,Document Download from Wiki page Create and / or modify graphics Meeting by phone
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